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ROUND 4 Spa Review

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Press Release GSM Racing:


The fourth round of the Lamborghini Super Trofeo got off to a good start for GSM Racing, who climbed the podium again after taking second place in Race 1. Jonathan Cecotto, who started from pole position, managed to maintain the leadership until the pit window opened for the mandatory driver change. While the track was damp but drying at the start of the race, the heavens suddenly opened around the back of the circuit justin this moment Cecotto handed over to Patrick Liddy who managed to maintain his position leading a hard-fought race up to 7 minutes from the checkered flag, the moment was passed by Gilardoni and taking then the second place. A whole different story in Race 2. Patrick Liddy starts in fifth position and maintains a good pace until the driver change. Cecotto takes the wheel when the safety car has just entered the track. When the race starts again it takes just a few minutes and immediately after the starting straight just in front of the pit lane, Cecotto is closed by two cars on his left and bounces off the barrier, causing a spectacular accident which fortunately only ended with major damage to the car. Nothing serious for Cecotto who suffered a bruise on one hand. Thus ends Race 2 for GSM Racing which is disqualified for having caused, according to the organizers, the accident. Race also interrupted for all the other participants.  “This bad accident in Race 2 has considerably changed the direction that the weekend had taken” declared Andrea Grillini “we won a second place in Race 1 and our morale was sky high, convinced that we could do very well in Race 2 as well. 'I disagree with the decision to disqualify Jonathan and the team because I believe he is not the only one to have responsibility for what happened, quite the contrary. Now we will have to work a lot to get the car back on track. and we hope that Jonathan can recover well for the next race at Le Castellet ”. Next and last appointment of the Lamborghini Super Trofeo in France, at the Paul Ricard circuit on the weekend of November 13-15

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