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Round 4 Lamborghini ST NorthAmerica

Round 4 of the Lamborghini Super Trofeo North American Championship, took place in the beautiful and unique circuit of Virginia International Raceway. The weather forecast has been uncertain und unpredictable throughout the whole weekend. Qualifying took place under dry weather, having Trent Hindman set the 3rd fastest time in qualifying. Jonathan Cecotto was on provisional pole position throughout his whole qualifying session, till the last minute, where his lap time wasn’t quite enough and finished in 2nd place.

Heavy rain started right before the start of Race One, when the cars where already on pre-grid. The start got delayed and everybody changed to rain tyres. Trent, starting from 3rd position, was able to put himself in 2nd position, and started hunting down for first place. After several laps of fighting for the position, an incredible overtake put himself leading the race. The track was starting to dry out, so Trent came in to pass the car on to Jonathan Cecotto, and to go for dry slick tyres. Unfortunately, there has been a technical failure with the wheel nuts, and the team was not able to do anything except for send Jonathan back out with rain tyres with a dry track, also after loosing a lot of time in the pit’s. They finished the race 5 laps down.

Sunday’s Race Two saw revenge for the 2 drivers of Wayne Taylor Racing. The young Venezuelan kept his 2nd position during the whole first part of the race, under dry conditions, controlling the gap and trying not to let the leader gain too much. Trent got in the car, and was able to attack for the lead during his initial stint, and from there went on to win the race.

“I love racing here, this has been my favourite race track of the year so far. We where incredibly unlucky in Race 1, where we had the win in our hands, but luck wasn’t on our side. Race 2 was great, everybody deserved that win. Both my team mate and the team did a great job!”

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