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Round 5 Cayman Trophy

Penultimate race of the 2016 Porsche Cayman Trophy in Imola. Jonathan Cecotto and Nicoló Mercatali are currently 2nd in the championship. In qualifying, Jonathan was setting the fastest lap but the session got paused with a red flag because of a crash right during his fastest lap at the last sector! The session resumed but his tyres where already used to Riccardo Pera got the pole, Cecotto right behind. Mercatali was also able to do the 2nd fastest qualifying lap in his session.

In Race 1, Cecotto was able to steal the 1st position from Pera and was leading the race, even setting the fastest lap of the race. He then passed the car on to Mercatali and they finished in 2nd position. Race 2 Mercatali started the race, but when Cecotto got in the car Pera was too far away and they finished in 2nd position again. The young Venezuelan though did the fastest lap of the race again.

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