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Round 3 Cayman Trophy

The beautiful circuit of Mugello hosted Round 3 of the new Cayman Trophy in the Italian Grand Touring Championship. In qualifying, Jonathan was able to do again pole position, giving more than 1 second to 2nd position Riccardo Pera. Mercatali, Jonathan's team mate, qualified 2nd.

In Race 1, finally the first win of the season. Cecotto had en excellent pace in his stint and entered the pits with a significant advantage to second place Riccardo Pera. Mercatali then brought the victory home for the two of Team Dinamic Motorsport.

In Race 2, Mercatali stayed in 2nd position in the initial laps of the race, just behind Pera. The gap though started to increase over the laps. At the drivers change, Jonathan took the car and even though he did the fastest lap of the race and gaining sometimes up to 1 second to the 1st place, the gap was just too big and finished in 2nd position.


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