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Round 5 ADAC Formula 4

After the long summer brake, Round 5 of the ADAC Formula 4 Championship took place on the ex Formula 1 track of Nurburgring, in Germany. Qualifying for the young Venezuelan was again not the best, starting from only P17 in Race 1 and only P23 in race 2. Race 1 though, he was again able to concentrate in overtaking as many cars as possible, finishing in 11th position, just outside the points. Race 1 was the first race of the season so far where no Safety Car was deployed.

In Race 2, starting all the way back from P23, he finished P15. For Sundays Race 3, the conditions where wet and the track was very slippery. Cecotto, starting from 11th position, was aiming to arrive in the top 10. Unfortunately only a couple of laps after the start, he had problems with the visor of his helmet, causing him not to see properly loosing many many positions finishing even last after he spun.

"A weekend to forget, I had a bad qualifying and even though I was able to recover positions in Race 1 and 2, it still wasn't enough to arrive in the points. In Race 3 I had problems seeing properly through my visor due to the very cold outside temperature and a problem with my helmet. Something that sounds ridiculous but in fact it was hard to see."

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