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Round 3 Lamborghini Super Trofeo

3rd round of the Lamborghini Super Trofeo took place in the beautiful french circuit of Paul Ricard. After the double win in Silverstone, it was important to keep up the good work and the good results. In Qualifying 1, Vito Postiglione, Jonathan's team mate, set the 2nd fastest time. 0.065 seconds from poleman Loris Spinelli. In 3rd position, Raphael Abbate. In Qualifying 2, Jonathan took 3rd position. Infront of him, Mikael Grenier and Yuki Nemoto.

Race 1, Spinelli and Postiglione had a good start and slowly took a gap compared to the field behind. After a nice battle between them, Postiglione was in front before coming in for the driver change. During the 2nd part of the race, Jonathan was able to keep the pace and win the race! This was the 3rd win in a row for Jonathan Cecotto and Vito Postiglione.

Race 2, Jonathan kept his 3rd position, during the first laps, he tried to attack Mikael Grenier infront of him, but didn't quite make it. At the drivers change, 1st position Abbate/Nemoto received a drive through penalty for speeding in the pit line. The race finished with a thrilling battle again between Spinelli, who won, and Postiglione, in 2nd position. Jonathan Cecotto and Vito Postiglione are still leading the championship.

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