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Round 1 GT4 European Series

Jonathan Cecotto participated at the 1st round of the GT4 European Series together with Team Reiter Engineering and his german team mate Lenny Marioneck. The team competed with 8 KTM X-Bow GT4 Cars. It was the first time for Jonathan driving that car.

The weekend started with a decent 5th place in Qualifying. Race 1 was a night race. Jonathan started the race and lost some positions in the first lap, due to the fact that the car is not that fast in the straights, but is faster than other cars in the corners. He slowly recovered one position at a time, setting also the fastest lap time of the race. He was in 2nd place, right behind P1 when he gave the car on to Lenny Marioneck. Marioneck was able to put the car in the lead and they won the first race of the GT4 European Series!

Race 2, Marioneck started the race. He did a great stint, giving the car on to Cecotto in 3rd position. The Venezuelan overtook for 2nd place and was recovering on to the leader. At 18 minutes to the end, he got hit from the back from another KTM car, and he spun in the gravel, touching also the tyre barrier. He was lucky to get out of the gravel bed and continued the race, finishing in 6th position at the end.

Currently, Cecotto and Marioneck are leading the championship.

Results Race 1

Results Race 2

Race 1 Replay:

Race 2 Replay:

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