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Round 4 Cayman Trophy

Round 4 took place in Vallelunga. In Qualifying, Jonathan was again able to do the fastest lap. His team mate, 3rd. In Race 1, Jonathan had a very good pace but had a slower Ferrari GT3 car in front. This meant that the car was faster in the straights having more power, but then slower in the corners and this made Cecotto loose a lot of time. Finishing 3rd at the end.

Race 2 was under heavy rain. Mercatali gave Cecotto the car in 3rd position and as he was recovering, a safety car was deployed. There was a big crash of a Lamborghini GT3 car.. This was good news because it meant he could put himself right behind P2 and P1 and attack at the safety car restart.

Unfortunately , the race was red flagged due to the weather conditions and the hard impact of the Lamborghini car damaged the guard rails.

"Very unlucky again in Race 2, I was ready to overtake both cars in front of me but the race finished under safety car." - Jonathan Cecotto

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