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Round 2 Cayman Trophy

Round 2 of the Cayman Trophy took place in the MotoGP race track of Misano. In Qualifying, Jonathan was able to do the pole position, just 1 tenth behind him, his biggest rival Riccardo Pera. Jonathan's team mate Mercatali qualified 3rd.

In Race 1, Jonathan was able to have a great start but got pushed wide at T7 by a Ferrari GT3 car and came back on track in 3rd position. Luckily the safety car entered and so he was able to position himself right behind the others for the restart. After some laps battling for the 2nd and 1st position he gained the lead again. After the driver swap with his team mate they where still leading but at 3 laps to the end a type puncture caused them to do an extra pit stop. At the same time, also title contender Riccardo Pera got a tyre puncture and so it was even for both. They finished 3rd at the end thanks to Mercatali overtaking Pera on track at the last lap.

Sunday Race 2 under wet conditions. Mercatali started the race and did a constant stint remaining in 3rd position. After the drivers change, Jonathan was able to overtake Riccardo Bianco and so finish in 2nd position. Riccardo Pera was unreachable because he had 30 seconds less time penalty at the pitstop, due to the fact that he finished outside of the podium in Race 1.

"We where very unlucky in Race 1. The win was in our hands and we just had to bring it home but we got a tyre puncture for no significant reason. Race 2 we did the best we could, a win was not possible because Pera had a huge advantage due to the pitstop time penalties. " - Jonathan Cecotto

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