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Round 8 ADAC Formula 4

Last race of the season at the ex Formula 1 circuit Hockenheim. During qualifying session Jonathan was always just inside the op 10, but at the final minutes he found lots of traffic on track and couldn't improve. Others improved because the track was getting always faster and so he only did P20.

Like in the past races of the season, Jonathan had to recover many positions during the race. Due to many safety car interruptions he was only able to recover till P18.

In Race 2, he did not finish the race. A car spun in front of him at the exit of Turn 1 and he collided with him. Race 3 where very difficult conditions. The track was humid and very slippery. It had rained some hours before the race. The Venezuelan was very fast in the initial stages of the races and recovered until 7th position even with many safety car interruptions! Towards the end of the race, he locked the rear tires and went wide at Turn 8 passing through the gravel and finishing P23.

"In Race 1 I couldn't do much more due to all the safety cars. Race 2 though I was at a good point till the driver in front spun and I was not able to avoid the collision. Race 3 I was doing well but brakes on a slippery spot and lost it all. It was a stupid mistake but for sure I learned my lesson for next time."

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