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Round 7 ADAC Formula 4

Oschersleben Round 8, penultimate race of the 2015 ADAC Formula 4 Championship. This time, the F4 raced together with the DTM, the German Touring Car Championship. Although again a very hard weekend for Jonathan Cecotto.

Starting only in 24th position from Race 1, he was able to do a recovery till 18th position. Starting P20 from Race 2 he gained and lost some positions during the race and finished also in P20. Race 3 though, he started P18 and his goal was to finish in the top 10. He had a good start and during the race he was even able to enter the points. Unfortunately, at only a couple of laps to the end the driver behind him braked too late and crashed into Cecotto and retired the race.

"I was very excited for this weekend! It was together with DTM and so a big event. Qualifying was again not very good but I thought I still could do some nice races. Race 1 and Race 2 I just gave my best to stay out of trouble and overtake as many cars as possible. Race 3 was really my occasion to score some points. Suddenly though I got hit from the back in the last laps from another driver. I lost a wheel and landed in the barriers. I was very disappointed because I could have finished in the points easily."

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