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Round 4 ADAC Formula 4

Lausitzring Round 4, under the incredible heat, Jonathan Cecotto qualified 13th for Race 1 and 16th for Race 2. In Race 1 he had an excellent start and thanks to his fast pace he finished in 8th position and gathered some points for the overall championship.

Race 2 unfortunately was not so good. He was in the top 10 when he had to cut the track to avoid a collision and therefore the stewards decided to give him a Drive Through penalty in the last minutes of the race. He was not able to recover after the Drive Through due to Safety car, and so ended the race in the last positions.

Race 3, due to the inverted grid of the first 10 in race 1, he was able to start in 3rd position. He had a really bad start though causing him to loose many positions and only some corners after he had a collision with another driver, damaging his own car and not being able to be competitive during the race and finished 23rd.

"Race 1 was not that bad since I started from the back and finished in the points. Race 2 and Race 3 though where a disaster. The penalty in Race 2 influenced my race but its completely ridiculous because I was forced to cut the track to avoid a collision and I did not gain any advantage through it. Race 3 I did a mistake at the start which shouldn't have happened. Lesson learned for next time." - Jonathan Cecotto

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